Thank you for teaching me so much (and) for bringing out the DemoManiac in me! I will keep you posted on my success!

Alicia Payne

Hey. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve signed on with Fountainhead. Thanks again for your fantabulous work!

Kirsten Alter

The demos produced by DemoManiacs gets voice actors in the room for auditions and even booked just from the demo itself.

Sandie Newton

Thank you! I had a ball. And really appreciate the expertise you all bring to the mix.

Erica Wood

I am 100% thrilled! My agent is over the moon. I have a demo that makes my voice eminently marketable, which is the name of the game!

Rachel Jones

Janice is amazing with kids. Genius at bringing out their best possible performance. My son just booked a radio spot on the strength of his demo! Thanks so much Janice.

Tina Moreau

I’m about to step out the door to my second job that was booked directly from the demo. No way it would have happened without your help.

Todd Van Allen

You’re the best…and so fast. I have told my agent how awesome you guys are…

Melee Hutton

Thank you. Your coaching has long outlasted our demo session.

Cara Volchoff

It was great working with Janice and Stuart. It was nice to finally develop an approach with voiceover.

Hart Massey